Sustainable Farming to Keep the World’s Environment in Harmony

Sustainable farming, or sustainable agriculture, is a brand new and a better innovation in the world of agriculture. Today’s world is in the middle of a problem called global warming.

Sustainable Farming in the Global Warming Era

Global warming has some kind of an effect on everything, especially on the world of agriculture. Sustainable agriculture is the innovative way of keeping the world of agriculture and the environment stable in this world that is in the state of global warming.

Sustainable agriculture, often called sustainable farming, is done by making use of renewable and nonrenewable resources. All those renewable and nonrenewable resources are produced for agricultural production in order to minimizing some negative effects for the environment.

Various Ways of Doing Sustainable Farming

There are various ways of doing the sustainable farming, and some of them are:

  • Permaculture

The main point of permaculture is to keep humanity in harmony with the natural world. It is a kind of a principle and ethic, in which it leads to some ways of agricultural productions. Some productions done with the principle of permaculture include herb spirals, sheet mulching, and growing grain without tillage.

  • Biodynamics

Biodynamics agriculture is a concept believing that the farmland itself is a living thing which existence should always be noticed and recognized. Reducing the use of off-site inputs is one of the ways of doing the biodynamics agriculture. Today, the practices of biodynamics agriculture has been widely applied to farms, vineyards, and so on.

  • Urban Agriculture

Living in the city should not be a reason for people to not doing some agricultural activities. Urban agriculture can be done in many ways, and one of them is to localize the food stocks by growing edible plants closer to or in your home. Rooftop farms, backyard farms, indoor hydroponic farms are some of the things to be done as the ways of preserving urban agriculture.

  • Natural Pest Management

Getting rid of insects or pests from your farm can be done not only by spraying pesticide to your plants. In fact, there are some insects that are beneficial for your plantation land.

  • Polycultures and Crop Rotation

Rotating the crops in an area of land can be perfected by diversifying the crops too. By doing this polyculture thing with a crop rotation, farmers can reduce the problems that often happen in a plantation land, such as pests and other stuffs.

Anyway, those are some things about keeping the humanity and the environment in harmony through sustainable farming.



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