Organic farming system: providing healthy food for your family

Organic farming system is a rising agricultural system which promotes healthy food. This system appeared as the concern of farmer to see how chemical fertilizers use can affect the degradation conditions of soil. That also affects deterioration in the health, crops quality, and the livestock. This system first appeared in the 20th century and it continues to be developed more by various organizations of organic agriculture. This integrated farming system is an endeavor to provide biological diversity, the enhancement of soil fertility, and sustainability. It also has been promoted and supported by organizations of organic farming.  

About organic farming

How do the methods in the organic farming work? The methods of organic system come from the combination of modern technology and scientific knowledge of ecology. Those are involved in the traditional farming and they produce a healthy food altogether in the end. Things to be considered in organic farming system are crop diversity, soil management, weed management, tools, genetic modification, livestock, and other organisms controlling. Crop diversity is suggested here since it can create a great place of farm health. The soil management is based on composting and green manure. Those two can create a natural breakdown of organic matter. In the next list, there is weed management. In this one, suppression is the suggested one rather than weed elimination. Traditional farm tools are the mainly used tools to do organic farming. Genetic modification is an issue in organic farming. In addition, there are two sides of the believers who use modification and those who don’t. The livestock of organic farming can be treated by medicine if they are sick, but the use of drugs to promote the growth is not allowed. Other organisms controlling is suggested for prohibiting problems that come from organisms.

Consuming Organic Food? Why Not? The main intention of organic farming is to sustain healthy ecosystems, soils, and people. Eating something good and healthy will bring a healthy life too. Don’t you agree? Biodynamic agriculture was the system that helped the appearance of organic farming. It focused on organic methods and was basically the first modern agriculture system that did so. It was developing well and the organic agriculture came from that. Organic farming prohibits the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Ivermectin, elemental sulfur, and copper sulfate are examples of synthetic substances which are allowed to be used in the farming system. We come to an end and hope you can take something from organic farming system.



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