Know the Basic to Produce the Best: Farming Techniques

Farming techniques are part of agriculture stuffs. As part of agriculture, farming has been around us since a very long time ago. Keeping animals or growing crops are activities of farming. Additionally, there are goals of agriculture: food safety, food security, and food quality. Agriculture has a strong relationship with food supply indeed. People must aware that everyone should get enough food. There is not only enough, but also a good and safe food. That is why agriculture field must stick with the goals.

Get to Know 7 Farming Techniques

There are not only one or two or three techniques in farming. Farming techniques are very various and let’s get to know them one by one. The first one is composting. This technique uses organic wastes like manure or straw, and tables scraps and those are used for fertilizers. The second is inter-cropping. Inter-cropping make use of various crops species in alternate rows. The third is organic farming. This technique doesn’t use any synthetic chemical inputs. The next is mixed farming. This one is a bit similar with inter-cropping. In the mixed farming, farmer needs to plant various crops and later, they need to do animal grazing. Go to the next, there is fallowing. Fallowing allows the field not to be planted by any crop in few years. As the change, farmer can graze animals on the field. Crop rotation is in the next list. Crop rotation has something to do with a field which is planted with different crops. The seventh technique is permaculture. Permaculture is kind of mixed planting by utilizing the relationships between slope, soil, water supplies, etc. Those are integrated into a farm or a garden.

How to Start Farming Are you interested in farming? This one can be a merely hobby, or you can start a business of farming. The very first step is that you need to start planning and designing your own farm like how large the area will be, one kind of crop or various crops, and so on. You need to write a prepared business plan as the second step. You may need to plan the markets, demands and supply. Farm management also should be taken into account. The next step is suggested for those who have not enough money to start business. If you don’t, you may find loans and grants. What’s next? You can get business permits and licenses. That’s all and you can start do have a farm business. Don’t forget to learn further about farming stuffs, for example is farming techniques.



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