Get the Soils Ready for Farming Preparation

Farming preparation– Farming preparation involves several things to do. Having a farm and plant it by yourself may not be your passion, but you can prepare your own food. Isn’t it exciting? Yes, running a small farm and plant several foods on your own can also provide your family with the best food and even the fresh ones from your own field. When you are planning to buy a small field or you have had one, you may try to start farming. You shouldn’t be relaxed after having a small field since it needs to be prepared. What to do then? Let’s go further about it.

Preparing the Soils

The soils in your field need to be prepared. First of all, amend and test your soil. You should know what type of your soil is. Right after that, give a finish by giving green manures to improve the quality of your soil. Let’s move to the next part of farming preparation. One thing to be noted is that you need to know what kind of tillage that you can do intensively. Here are few samples. The first one is hand tilling. This is appropriate to do when you have a small farm which means a tractor is not necessary. Hand tilling can be done by double digging. There are other options of hand tilling, sheet mulching or raised beds. The next tillage is rototilling. This one uses a motorized cultivator with blades or tines. The third is very common: conventional tillage. This method begins with moldboard plow. Once you have done plowed the soil, let disks work on the soil. Those three are only samples of tillage methods. You may need to take a look further and decide the best you can do.

Get Your Farm Ready

Tilling is one part of preparing your farm. If we have to make a list of the preparation, there are some things to do. The first and second have been mentioned above. The first one is about testing and amending the soil. You need to do this step to improve your soil. If your soil is in a good condition, you will also get a good food. In this step, try to determine what type of your soil: clay soils or sandy soils or loam soils. The rest is easy. The second step is tilling the soil. The third is optional: fencing your farm. Those all are several things that you can do for farming preparation.  



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